Jonesing on Cloud 9 (Spoken Word Love Chronicles)

I’m on cloud nine…

it should be cloud ten

because I can feel the wind

beneath my feet again…

like I can fly off of this high…

Love is the drug

and I’m jonesing for a hit

temptation so good

almost impossible to resist…

this Euphoric magnetic passion

love spell venom in its kiss…

the highs and the lows

there’s crazy levels to this shit.

When my cloud high comes down

and I start to go through…

the withdrawals, the agony

and the damage it can do…

My mind playing tricks

my body feening for a fix…

but what goes up eventually

must come down…

to be missing and reminiscing

coming off of that cloud…

And then…I ask myself

was it worth it?

Right before I go back

and do it all over again…


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