Let the Pennies Decide! (Article Blog)

Pennies are often under-rated. Often treated like they are of no value, like the brown step child instead of the golden bronze children that they are.  I’ve always been a fighter for the underdog. I have always been the one to pay attention to the ones that are never noticed. I have always been different and never opted for being normal or common. I like what’s considered eclectic, eccentric or weird, we’re talking unicorn. I noticed the Penny one day and for some reason was fascinated by it, so  I assigned it a significant purpose in my life. I don’t always get to spend them, as most people would rather collect them and let them sit around than to spend them. But people sure get upset when all they need is three Pennies to make their change just right when the bill comes out to be $22.73.

Have you ever noticed how embarrassed  most people are of using Pennies to pay for anything? Do you realize how much money we would save if we had to use Pennies to pay for stuff? We’d rather not buy than to have to scrounge up the Pennies… I feel for you Penny, you are valuable to me! And yes I have Pennies on standby in my purse, car, desk at work, and of course at home in my little Pretty Penny Jar.

I get very excited every time I see a Penny on the ground. No matter if it’s on heads or tails I see it as a sign of good luck and fortune. Someone once told me that they believe that Pennies fall from heaven to remind us that every time you see one on the ground, a guardian angel is saying hello from heaven and is letting you know that they’ve been watching over you. Perhaps this is the reason behind the “In God we trust…” we trust that he is watching over us as we go about our life.

Most people would rather leave a Penny on the ground rather than to pick it up. Yes just one Penny can make a difference, especially when all you need is one. Y’all Better stop leaving those Pennies on the ground and treating Pennies like their not worth much.

Although I must admit that I noticed the irony of  how the copper coin was created to have the lowest value. Interesting observation as brown skin tones have been treated pretty much like the Penny, it’s synonymous to how brown toned people  are viewed as people that are not worth much and are of very low value….I bet you if it was a quarter on the ground, it would be picked up right away, even a nickel or a dime wouldn’t stay on the ground for that matter. But that is entirely off the purpose and point of this piece. So let me pull you back in to the point of it all.

“In God we trust” says the penny as does all our money/coin/ currency or haven’t you noticed? OK God I don’t have the answer right now.  Consulting with God is always my 1st point of reference and then I found a fun point of reference that is linked to “In God we trust.”

So here it is, whenever I’m contemplating or pondering about something, I go find three Pennies to give me my answer. I shake them up in the palm of my hand and throw them in the air and let them land.

I’m going for two out of three. When they land, heads mean Yes and tails mean No. I let the Pennies decide. It’s such a stress reliever and it’s pretty fun to do. I’ve had much good come of it coming to the answer trusting the Pennies allowing them to tell me what I should do. Sometimes the Pennies are just a reminder for me to trust my instincts and to trust myself…

OK Pennies let’s try this again…, shake shake shake and up in the air  they go! Maybe my best two out of three tries. Sometimes I already know the answer and I let the Pennies confirm when they land. If  my two Pennies landing on heads give me my expected justification for a yes,  I’m good! The Pennies speak, they say, “go ahead this is the right choice, do it!” Just imagine getting three for three! That is a definite clear confirmed answer. I get my answer and do what needs to be done and then I move on. Now I’m laughing out loud because I wish it were that easy, but sometimes I keep going and justifying another shake and toss because I didn’t like the first answer.

I’m looking for the answer that I want instead of listening to the Pennies after all.  If I am waiting for the Pennies to agree with me, this just means I’m having fun and I knew the answer all along and the Pennies just give me the confidence to do what I was going to do anyway. You know that game little girls use to play as children with the rose pedals?  He loves me, he loves me not… Shake shake shake, up in the air the Pennies go…Yes, Yes, No. He Loves me, (sigh) I knew it! And guess what? He does…

Thank you golden bronze…whether what you decide ends up being right or wrong, it’s fun and it feels good when the Pennies decide, and usually confirmation follows the answer that the Pennies gave to me.

Most of the time as crazy and risky as it may seem, the Pennies are right!  Give it a try, and give a fun purpose to your nuggets of golden bronze . I’m not saying let the Pennies make a critical or altering life decision for you, so don’t do that please… I’m just suggesting that you have a little fun and let your Pennies decide.

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