Lies & Deception (Article Blog)

Sometimes it’s easier to believe what we are told because disbelief might force us to have to act…

Truths are often uncomfortable, but the truth will set us free.

Free from worry, pain, anxiety, running, hiding, defending, pretending, repeating, and remembering…settling and suffering…Once you are willing to face it, stand in it, accept it, and tell it…that’s when peace will replace the discomfort and that’s when you will begin to grow.

The truth is like water, applying it to the body cleanses is it, applying it in the body nourishes and removes toxins. Applying it to plants helps them cultivate and grow.

Lies and deception is like applying real water to fake grass. Fake grass won’t
change, and fake grass won’t grow. Only when you keep it real can that happen.

Truth will always win, because truth doesnt exhaust you it exalts, truth doesnt haunt you it honors you, while lies and deception will stagnate you.

When you continue to lie, your own life will keep passing you by. Lies and deception will keep you in the same condition and place that you were in when you linked up and no further along than the day that you decided to take the Lie road instead of the High road…


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