My heart will stay pure (Affirmative Blog)

Love, strength, courage, wisdom, faith, hope, joy, peace, delight, vision, passion, heart, consciousness, unity, grace, mercy, loyalty, light, integrity, forgiveness, understanding, patients, acceptance, serenity, fortitude, compassion, discipline, healing, victory, success, humility, blessings, drive, discernment, sunshine, encouragement, inspiration, gratitude, music, & laughter. 
I affirm & claim that all these things will continue to be of me & surround me. My heart will stay pure & will not become bitter, ruined or empty because of life’s disappointments or pain. The world is full of hurt people & broken hearts, people that are alive but not living, that are broken, bitter, damaged & depressed. The Devil is a LIE!

I wont allow the cold of this world to change me, discourage me or cause me to lose sight of my purpose. My God says that I am here to serve. I am here to leave a mark, impression, an impact! No this world is not going to change me, because I am here to change this world!


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