Your Morning Cup of Me (Spoken Word Love Chronicles)


my coffeeSip on this hot steaming coffee that’s in your cup, and savor this hazelnut cream…

as I make you do, when we do, what we do, like my butter rum flavored lips on that thing.

I want you to Love me, your hot coffee, your favorite cup of Joe…

like the way you need it to function… before you can up and go.

I want you to sip on me like the richness, of your classic roasted brew,

I want you to want me like the air you need, that’s what the love of my coffee will do.

I love the way that you have to have it, your sweet brown coffee just to get right…

Your every sip becomes my command, your deepest fantasy? I might.

I thrive off your warm embrace… and your nice and gentle hug,

like the way you grasp and mount your hands around your coffee mug.

You’re up at night can’t sleep at all, tossing and turning in bed…

wishing it was my coffee that kept you up, stimulating you instead.

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