Eargasmic Melody (Spoken Word Love Chronicles)


EG part 2

Oh how I love music, I really love music, now I realize that music loves me.

As I often sit & listen, to a song’s melody, my ears begin to see…

The peace & the harmony, the sensual serendipity, that music brings to me.

The comfort of an angelic voice or a rhythmic tune, or an optic sound on key,

oh how I love music, at least I thought I loved music, but look at how music have been loving me.

Boom, Pow Ting! Boom, Pow, Ting! The beat of the drum makes my beating heart sing,

as I listen to the base & that saxophone bring, these vibrations deeper into my soul.

These black & white keys on this grand piano, sends chills & tingles up & down my spine,

this music is rejoicing me, caressing my ears, serenading the depths of my mind.

This funky eargasm is making my hips spasm, I feel myself becoming weak at the knees,

that one baby making song… that sweet textured music, I need to feel & hear the music please! 

Oh how I love music what a magnificent sound, that generates so much passion & feeling…

touching hearts, souls, minds & lives, bringing us all that melodic healing.

That one love song, full of vocal inflection, rockin my emotional tides,

making this body of mine tingle & melt, while grooving to the sophisticated vibes. 

Our tears, our joys, our sadness, our pain, is universal in the lyrics we hear, I’ll keep that jazzy, bluesy fusion…riveting in my ear. 

There’s something very special about music… piping from a voice on high,

magniloquent lyrics & rich melodiousness, got me singing Johnny Gill’s, “MY, My, My…” 

Music is my soul & my refuge, & forever it will always be… my energy, my theme, my medicine, my dream, my eargasmic necessity.

Oh how I love music, I really love music, because music has set me free,

music has been smooth, my most loyal friend, but fucked around & fell in love with me!



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