The Real Poetic Justice 


The movie was cute and all, but this is no romantic comedy…No street romance about a young Janet named Justice, falling in love and reciting poetry.

Yeah Kendrick & Drake killed it and all with those lyrics and that sexy melody… and the sensual sound of Miss Jackson in the background, gave Poetic Justice a new analogy.

That classic hit Anytime, Anyplace found its perfect way into this…but just so you’re clear, this right here…?

Is The real Poetic Justice!


What is justice if it’s only just for “us?”

Fighting to be the same, have the same, look the same and for what?

If we were created in his image, well then whose image is he? Our image or his image or whose perspective will it, be?

And who is he that we may be, altering our lives for, to live for, to die for to strive for?

Who is he to you? Who is he to us, who is he, and whose definition of him counts more?

Are we striving to live this life of free will but yet we have the audacity to kill?

Because we think we’re better than he… better than she?

We want to go to war and for what?  What the hell are we fighting for?

Is it really Hell that we’re fighting for? We can’t possibly be fighting for the love of God because God told us to do so… I thought God is love in every language and religion, Oh! Did you not know?

By all of this fighting and senseless killing…What do we gain in the end? Because if we can’t peacefully co-exist, no one on this earth will win…

Be different they say, be courageous they sing, we want to be creative, unique and elated for who we are, for what we do, and for all that we bring…

we all want equality and social justice, peace, life, and we want freedom to reign.

I just want to be happy , I just want to be free, I just want to be loved is the song we’ve sang…

We all are chasing the same thing, we all have a hope and a dream…to live this life with a sense of purpose and dignity we all hope to die leaving behind more than a memory…, a legacy.

So what is justice if it’s just for “us?” And who is the “us” if not the human being?

Racism says…people that look like me, are better than people that look like you… I am supreme; I am the dominant and privileged human being. I belong here because I am Queen, and I am King… Just imagine if every race is thinking or claiming this very same thing…

Is that why we are so troubled? We must have forgotten that we are one, the human race…

When my skin is bleeding and your skin is bleeding I’m for sure we’re bleeding the same color. When I spend a dollar bill and you spend a dollar bill, I’m certain we’re spending the same dollar, same color that I bleed and spend you also spend and bleed…

So you mean to tell me that we exist to compete? For me to out do you, before you out do me…? Ahhh now I see… Free will, the power we abuse because of envy, ego, and jealousy. Where did you get the idea that you were ever better than me…?

Where is the humility in our humanity for us not to see…, that “we”are each other, you are my sister, you are my brother.

“We all were put here, so that justifies us being here, and we shall not be removed.

We won’t become extinct!

Liberty, freedom, and justice for all? Get out of here with that bullshit! Who’s included in this “all” that they speak?

Who is the “they” that was thought of as we continue to suppress who we are, falling in line, while finessing adversity?

Is it really just “us?” or is it really just me? Everyone out for themselves, how selfish we can be.

As we go on pretending and living for the lies just to survive, living this new life of political correctness out of heightened sensitivity.

History hasn’t changed a bit or a thing, were still killing… and hating…and hurting…our sisters and our brothers and we stay competing…in the hustle to out do one another.

Love thy neighbor, love,”Just” love! I’m a lover not a fighter or a hater, just a writer…and a reciter of inspiration and hope.

But can we do it?  I say yes we can, but the blissfully ignorant says Nope!

They’d rather stay comparing and killing, complaining and contending, always on a  quest to get  more.

More money, more land, more power, more brand, then die…leaving everything behind. So again…what the hell are we fighting for?

And then we hide behind the mask of assimilation and adaptation while suffering in pain from atrocity. 

We drink the kool aid…the political juice to soften the blow, a sense of false equality, called “Diversity…”

This body glove that we all wear, will disappear in death, leaving behind just our soul. 

Leaving behind just our history, just our story, just the memories, and the life of old.

That is what we “all” are made of, just pure soul and heart, and we have managed to let our free will and ego tear this world apart.

And there will never be any peace in this world of injustice if…,”We” as the human race continue our way of thinking… and being and believing, that…justice is…just “us.”





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