The Makeover (Article Blog)


Often times, people will walk around life expecting people to accept their appearance when they look a hot damn mess! They love to say, “This is who I am, accept me and love me or leave me alone, because I’m not changing for nobody!”And that attitude is why the makeover is more about the mindset rather than their appearance and image.

Don’t get it twisted, just because you change your clothes doesn’t mean it changes who you are in terms of character, but there is a time and a place for everything. I’m not talking about having a bad day when you’re not feeling well and are not your normal self. I’m talking about when every day is a bad day and you don’t even try.

People often think getting a makeover is about going from simply casual to dressing up to the nines or going GQ, women getting all glamorous, but it’s not that at all, it’s not an “extreme makeover.” Women don’t need to overly dress all the time, every day, every single moment. We don’t need to wear make up all the time, every day, every single moment. We can still look our best without having to add all of that, so if that’s what you think I’m talking about it’s not. 

It’s more about the time, place and your confidence. Let’s say for instance, you are invited out to a nice dinner to meet your love interest’s family, or some important people of influence. It would be appropriate to dress for the occasion. If your regular every day choice of fashion and style does not fit a certain occasion, you should be flexible and respectful enough to choose the appropriate attire, or go out and invest in some.

Your love interest  or the person that is bringing you to an event where there will be influential people, should not have to expect you to show up just the way you are nor should they have to accept it if your “just the way I am style is not a good representation of someone who is being mindful for the situation and occasion.

Your character, standards, values, beliefs are who you are at the core! But those things are on the inside. Your very first representation of who you are is on the outside and what you wear should reflect and mirror your inside. Usually when they contradict, it’s a sign of lack of self awareness, and could be a sign of dishonesty or deceit. Pure confusion. 

Why say that you’re an awesome person that believes in a, b, and c but you look like you don’t care about  a, b, and c by your outer appearance? If you value something and believe in something, you live it, saying it doesn’t hold much weight. You don’t give yourself much credability when what you look like does not represent what you are trying to portray, relay, proclaim, do, or accomplish.

For example, you probably will not hire a personal trainer that is out of shape. They could be one of the best, and really great at telling you how to get in shape , but you won’t give them your time, the opportunity or a chance to find that out. If they haven’t gotten in shape for themselves from the program that they want to put you on, it’s a contradiction. So if you are expecting people to see you beyond your appearance, that is going to be hard for them to do if what you wear and how you carry yourself really isn’t a true representation of who you believe you are. 

The thing is this, you don’t get to tell people who you are and trust that they will accept what you say about who you are. Those that do know you, get to find out who you are, and those that don’t know you get to make assumptions based on what they see of you.

People form their opinions about who you are based on their experience of you and what they see you do and know of you. It’s all in how you carry yourself and represent yourself. That is who you are. What you think of yourself and what you believe about yourself is only good for you if others do not see you you live those beliefs and thoughts. 

You get a reputation by the point of view of others not by your own point of view. So it’s very important to align what you believe about yourself with how you portray yourself to others.

Dress to reflect and represent the best you. And for those that feel like you have to dress blah because you can’t find clothes in your size, your size shouldn’t be an excuse or hinder you from making an effort. What matters is that you are clean, and that you smell like you’ve showered, your hair and face is well groomed etc. All of this encompasses appearance it’s not just what you wear, or what you weigh, it’s how you put your entire image together. 

Wearing confidence is a part of your image. You can have two women put on the same outfit and one will look sophisticated and classy and the other one will look like perhaps a street walker. There’s a different demeanor in the walk, posture and body language. Sometimes it’s not what you wear but how you wear it, and you have to wear your look in it’s entirety to include your attitude, your confidence, and the overall image. People  don’t care if your entire outfit cost you $3000. If you don’t have the confidence to rock it, or you don’t wear it right, it may look like it only cost you $11.99.

You don’t need to get the most expensive, stylish or fashionable items, but you do need to do the best you can with what you have and represent yourself by making wardrobe choices that compliments your personality, your body type and the occasion best. You know the old adage, “if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, then it’s a duck?” Well if you look like a bum, dress like a bum, act like a bum, I’m not calling you a bum, but when you are being treated like one it should be of no surprise. 

Yes, perception is always someone’s true reality, and even though it’s fair to say that people should not judge you based on your appearance, unfortunately we all make pre-judgements about others based on that 1st impression and what we see. What we see is all we get to know of you at that point and that may determine if we want to know anything further. 

So if you look like you don’t care,  It is highly likely that others will think that you don’t. People  will not care about you more than you are willing to care about your self image. 

You don’t have to be the most attractive person in terms of beauty standards for what the world deems to be considered good-looking. For me at least, when a person is well groomed and it’s evident that they put in effort, that is one of the most attractive traits about a person. It shows that they care about themselves and that they at least have a conscious and a level of love and commitment to self. Which means they are very well capable of having at least that same level of love and commitment in other areas of their life and for the people in their life.

A makeover truly can enhance the overall quality of your life. But first you have to come out of your denial and accept that you might need one. And if you are already doing great with your look on the outside but have a rotten core on the inside, you’re probably just an arrogant asshole that is quickly devaluing your purpose and existence. It’s almost impossible to look and feel good and be ok with walking around hurting people or walking around with a bad attitude frowning, looking like you’re constipated, or disregarding and disrespecting people. There’s no need for that.

Don’t mistake cocky for being confident.  Being cocky is saying, “I know I’m awesome and I’m more awesome than   you are, I am better than you. Might as well stick your tongue out and say nah nah, nu nah naaahhh…Being confident is to say “I love myself and I don’t have to discredit you, disrespect you, hate you or compete with you, as long as I am focusing on being the best person that I can be I can have love for you too.”

When a person changes their look to a more positive image from the outside, it starts to change who they become on the inside. Haven’t you ever noticed a time when you dressed up and really put yourself together, how happy and good you felt? Quite often just looking good can alter an unhappy mood and turn it into a state of happiness.

Changing your clothes/style appearance for a more positive image when you’re already working with a beautiful core doesn’t change your core, so don’t settle for wanting people to accept your shitty appearance just because you know that you’re a good person and that you have a good heart. 

 I know a lot of people want to believe that they don’t care what other people think and they’re not here for other people, but yes you are because God gave dominion of this earth to people. Every invention and thing we see, touch and use outside of nature and the natural in this world is of the hands and minds of people. People make up the world in every facet of life. 

Without the support, business or help of people, you cannot accomplish all the things that you set out to accomplish. Your main focus and goal may be to please God not people, however a makeover is not to please people. The makeover is for you to put yourself in a winning position to where you’re able to fulfill your dreams and your goals in a world or society that does not accept you when you’re not dressed the part.

You may be missing out on so many great life experiences and opportunities by being hell-bent stuck on your freedom of expression and style or lack of concern for what others think. By you not caring enough about your appearance and how you’re sending out your reflection into the world, you certainly could be cheating yourself out of life’s best offers. So if the shoe fits…, maybe it’s time or way past due for that mindset to change and consider the makeover for at least the sake of greater opportunities.




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