I Don’t Want Equality!

When you accept what you don’t need your buying into the “I’m” privileged greed, because you believe you should get the same thing as everyone else. 

But if you are efficient and suffice without it, why continue to take it or accept it? Is it because you were taught that you are superior to everyone else?

When someone told you to hate me, does that mean you had to listen? Don’t you have your own mind to decide for yourself?

Somewhere in their thinking, knowledge of me was missing, and they couldn’t see me as being the same, but far less as something other or something else…

In fact I was never counted as a whole…only three-fifths of me was considered.

The playing field was never meant to be leveled for me, it was set up for you to succeed and for me to be hindered.

Why is it ok for you to eagerly accept oppression for others as long as it’s not oppression for you? 

Are you so full of hate and fear that you think if you were me, I’d think and accept unfair treatment of others as you do?

Until you understand that I’m not looking to be equal but I’m looking for “you” to be free, free from your need to surpass or control me, free to choose love and unity, 

free to have decency and dignity to pass on privledged greed, superiority thinking, and to start fighting for what’s right and level me!

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