The Substance of the Human Spirit

Substance is defined as something that has mass, material, depth, it occupies space, and it has matter. The substance of the Human Spirit is the integrity of a person’s being. This is their depth and their matter. Their spiritual substance is defined by the choices they make, and by their benevolent concern for the good of others. It’s from them being kind, considerate, and understanding. 

It is them having a joyful disposition, having morals, values, and standards. It’s by them making a conscious choice to use their will to do what’s morally right instead of what is popular or deemed acceptable by the world’s standards. It is what we are within ourselves and to others.

Something that lacks substance is considered to be of empty-space, unfilled, shallow, and hollow. It’s surface pretty, a façade, a mirage. A person that is lacking spiritual substance will operate under a mask of shallow good deeds, until they’re  pissed off or their prosperous circumstances change. 

The motive for choosing the right partner to love should be founded in the depth of a persons spiritual substance. All the good grounded stuff that sets the foundation for who they are and what they stand for.  Their moral fiber, character and make up. If you took all of their material possessions away, there titles and their physical attractiveness, what would you truly see in them?

Circumstances change, conditions change, so look at the person’s core, their heart, their human spirit. If there foundation is fragile and they are not exhibiting a generous spirit, if you are a person with a generous spirit you will be highly disappointed if you emotionally invest in them. You may have once experienced loving someone that was not in alignment with your human spirit, you may be with this person now… and even though you gave/give them everything that you are and love/loved them with everything you’ve got, they didn’t/don’t receive it with an ounce of grace because your spirits are not/were not aligned.

When you are not paired up with the right person, or your equally yoked person, based on your sharing of the same core values, and having the same level of integrity for life, there will inevitably be conflict, misunderstanding, and a constant battle of confusion, discomfort and resistance between your heart, mind and soul. 

The desires of the heart are deceptive and you can be fooled by a person that lacks spiritual substance as long as their external surface dealings with you are in good standing.  Be careful not to extend yourself to someone and allow them to have a stake in your heart, life, and future based on false facades and mirages. Make sure that your spiritual paths are aligned.

The best way to check a person’s heart and to know what a person’s spirit is really about is not by evaluating how well they treat you, but it is by seeing how well they treat others. A person can easily treat you like Gold when you are Golden so be careful! When your Gold starts to appear plated, evaluate how you are being treated then. Will the level of love still be consistently the same or will it change because your circumstances changed? This is why it is most important to fall in love with a person’s substance, their character and human spirit and not fall in love with the idea of them or their attributes.

If this person is sweet, loving and kind to you but has consistent road rage, lashes out at others for misunderstandings or mistakes; is not kind to servers at restaurants, talks down to those that may have less than them or makes less than them, yells out threatening obscenities when having an unpleasant interaction with others, they will soon treat you the same… a person’s true character is in how they treat the world around them. It is important to notice and pay attention to how they treat others, things, nature, and animals because this will tell you who they really are and will tell you if they have the human spirit that is of substance, worth falling in love with.

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