A Woman’s Worth


I can’t possibly fathom how any man can take for granted a woman’s worth other than the man that is misogynistically subdued by perhaps such a thing as his ego. He’s the one that will easily suggest that a woman without her man is nothing, but oh how he got it all wrong, because it really is “a woman without her, man is nothing…”

She’s sacrificial & selfless putting everyone else’s needs before her own, she will often sacrifice her dreams to create & maintain a happy home. She puts off a career & many opportunities to support & take care of her family & will take care of everyone & everything else that she deems necessary & priority.

She wears multiple hats, she’s every woman, being a “Super Woman” literally, often standing in great strength & uncertainty as she often faces gender adversity. With grace, resilience, virtue & tenacity, she is like magic, she has this courageous ability.

To be a mother, wife, friend, sister, counselor, soldier, coach, mentor… she will work a job and run a home,  cooking, cleaning, raising children, and volunteering, it is often her that’s doing the most healing, motivating, elevating & cheering.

These are just the basic domestic contributions of her valuable & generous time, and then there are those women that will do all of this, & still manage to stay fit & fine.

Her vanity is work! The waxing, shaving, plucking, tucking & pulling, skin care regimens, lotions, potions, perfumes, manicures, pedicures, hair, makeup, fitness, diet, wardrobe and heels… she has to switch up and try to maintain sex appeal, corporate appeal, mother appeal, sister appeal.

Men… All the effort and work that a woman will go through, she doesn’t do it for other women or just for herself, when a woman does all of this, it’s mainly for you, that she carries this torch & look of great wealth.

A woman is willing to give up everything she is & knows, to support her man & build a family. When she marries, she gives up her name for his, she leaves her own & builds a home & life with him.

She bares children for him, sometimes enduring an excruciating and grueling labor, yet will navigate all so effortlessly through the physical, hormonal, & emotional changes her body goes through,  and then she gives her children his name too…

Women have paved the way & have made a way out of no way for many, and  we continue to carry this cross, we are supreme; Earth Queens, we are worth everything, beyond magnificent & will forever reign as Boss!

A Woman that is…I’m not talking about acknowledgement for being just a female or a girl. But a Woman?! Love her, honor her, respect her because after all she was created for you, to help you, she may be Mother Earth to you, but she is here to increase you & to magnify your world.

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