“He’s Just a Complacent, Misunderstood A$$hole!”

By looking at the cover photo of this article, I would guess that it is very typical for most men to go for lady type “A” for the pizzazz, curves and sex appeal, but there are those that prefer type “B” conservative brilliance, intriguing appeal and modest attractiveness. And then you have the egotistical guy that believes he should have both. 

We all fall into being one or the other but not both and sometimes our personalities can be both or in between the two depending on the situation. We are never the two together at any given time but we are definitely more of one over the other. You can’t be both modest and boastful together.

If there are two ways of spreading light, one way is to be the candle and the other is to be the mirror that reflects the candle. It’s only by interpretation and preference then that separate the two, but both in their own way and style, are giving off light the same. This is a great analogy for understanding the difference between preference and knowing if someone is just an asshole or if they are simply being misunderstood.

Type A and Type B personalities.

Type A personalities are the candles, they are the ones that are full of energy, charisma, zeal and at the forefront. Type B personalities on the other hand put out every bit as much light; they just are the ones that are most misunderstood and don’t get as much recognition for it.  And be careful because as the saying goes, “Everything that glitters isn’t Gold!” Sometimes Type As appear to be more appealing than they really are.

Type Bs don’t have all of the jazzy sparkle and sizzle that attract everyone’s attention. Since Type Bs aren’t as in your face about their contributions, they have a tendency to get mislabeled as lazy, aloof or indifferent. That bias can create a great breakdown in interpreting type B’s intent and cause a breakdown in communication leading to misunderstandings. Type A personalities usually will have a false interpretation of type B’s intent because the two personality types view the world through a different lens and navigate the world by a different compass, but both will usually want and mean the same thing and end up at the same destination, it’s just a different path that they chose to get there.

It’s as if Type As believe that Type Bs lack the distinguishing characteristics that drive them to be successful. Type Bs, however, know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. The very traits that people assume are the products of laziness or indifference are distinct personality characteristics that help Type Bs to achieve and prosper.

Unlike Type As, Type Bs don’t feel like they have to be in the spotlight or in the forefront which mean they are OK with recognizing and admitting their weaknesses. This acknowledgment equips them to work on those weaknesses to become a better person. Contrary to how you perceive Type Bs, they are easier to get along with as they tend to be patient and supportive rather than pushy and quick to place blame or judgments on others.

Type Bs don’t jump to conclusions. Since they’re not in a constant rush, they take the time to analyze all the facts instead of hurrying their analysis just to reach a decision. Type Bs also won’t keep beating a dead horse. Whereas Type As can become obsessed with making their chosen strategy work, Type Bs easily switch gears when it becomes obvious something isn’t working.

In a nutshell, Type B personalities deserve a lot more credit than they get. They are not heartless, cold and lazy, they are just laid back. They are more introverted, modest and observant.

Just because their goals aren’t pulsating like strobe lights on their foreheads doesn’t mean they don’t have any. They move in silence, they don’t advertise their every move and accomplishments. They like to handle most things privately. Type Bs have goals, and do care about them just as much as Type As care about theirs. But Bs see achieving those goals as a journey, not a sprint. Bs may stop and smell the proverbial roses along the way, and still stay focused on where they are going and what they need to do to get there.

If you are a Type A personality, be careful not to count Type Bs out. Type Bs want to succeed at a high level as much as Type As do however, they’d rather enjoy the journey and not wait until they reach the destination to be happy, feel achievement or to feel successful.

Bs are awed by A’s drive and by A’s breathtaking pace. They recognize the rewards that come As way, and are very impressed. But Bs are wise enough to know that they are not wired that way. They’d be miserable, and so would everyone around them if they had to do things the way As carry on. So, Bs are content hanging out in the slow lane and will see you at the finish line. They’ll be the ones who are smiling calmly, rather than gasping for breath.


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