When Hurt People Hurt People they are Still in Need of Love

Just look beyond his smile and look deep into his eyes, if you look closely, you will see it’s just his protective disguise… he wears his pain so well hidden, on his handsome well groomed face but his hurt runs deep, excruciatingly deep occupying his entire internal space…just look, look into his eyes and look beyond his smile, you will see the pain he’s been secretly suffering and he’s been hurting for quite a while. Slow down and pay attention and just look in silence and listen, his eyes will tell you all about his pain something he tries to avoid and not mention. And when you ask him if he’s ok, know that he’s not ok…he says he’s fine just to keep you away from seeing his vulnerability today. He is crying out for help and is just hoping that you can see, that he wants to trust the one that looks into his eyes and see his inner plea. He tries to stay strong on the outside because that is what a man is “supposed” to be, so he gives you what is expected and that is all you’re able to see… he’s dying on the inside drowning in a sea, a sea of wounds and hurt, desperately gasping for air, not sure if he wants to continue to breath. His life is on life support from living a falsehood of happy perception but that smile on his face if you pay close attention is in need of love, acceptance and protection. In need of affection, in need of understanding and in need of resurrection. His silence is his protection it’s not him being arrogant, anti-social or shy, his silence is his protective shield that keeps his eyes from crying. He wants to cry so desperately oh how he needs to cry… he avoids meeting you eye to eye so automatically you think that he’s fixing up a lie, because his pain he can’t continue to hide if you look deep into his eyes… The eyes are the mirror to the soul if you look closely maybe you will see, just maybe it’s your reflection that you will see,  your own pain in him and your need to look deep into his eyes not realizing that it’s to set your own pain free…

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