Not Everyone Has That 

The Lord has blessed me with a strong, beautiful, mother, she is very intelligent and caring, she took care of me for all of my years now

Not everyone has that 

A woman that has a strong voice, a woman that is starting to embrace her natural beauty, a woman that wants the best for her child

Not everyone has that 

Her heart is full of love, it’s as red as a rose, for red represents the color of passion her brain is occupied by knowledge

Not everyone has that

She has a son that wants the best for her, he has potential for his future, a future that can make her life better

Not everyone has that

The boy loves her, unconditionally and sometimes it’s hard to show, only because of the habits he had learned from his sanctuary

Not everyone has that

Thank you for all the things you have done for me. Everything is going to be fine, just give it time…

I love you Mom

Happy Mother’s Day

KR Ellis 

5/14/17-  written for me by my son!

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