Flying With Broken Wings

Don’t Break a bird’s wings and then expect it to be able to fly.

Don’t break a heart and then expect it to be able to love.

Don’t break a soul and then expect it to be happy…

Najwa Zebian

Yes this is quite the expression of the reality of the human spirit. When it is broken it is all too easy to lose hope and to do the opposite of what you once did that was so good…

But what if you are the one that was meant to fly even with broken wings, continue to love with the broken heart and still find your joy when happy no longer lives in your soul?

You probably often wonder who is going to care for you, the one that still cares to care when so many in this world is so cold…

Well I say, continue being one of the ones that are not like those that give hate because they receive hate and are not like those that give bad because they received bad…

I often wonder why is it that the one that is willing to give their best and their all is consistently the one left to feel sad.

Why would anyone feel so comfortable with hurting a person that gives so much of themselves and their resources to enhance another?

Why are there people not willing to reciprocate love and kindness, equally contributing to others?

Is it safe to say that you should stop loving those that show you no love in return?

Or do you continue to love, continue to give and allow your heart to continue to burn.

Well I say, love anyway and continue to be you, the person before the pain and adversity…

you are the one with good character and choose to love, so continue to be kind because of your integrity.

Continue to live and walk in the light that shines from the goodness of your soul and continue to do all of the good that you do.

If a person can’t appreciate or receive your love and kindness, just let them be but don’t allow their actions to change you.

A broken wing, a broken heart or a broken soul wont stop me…



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