Forgive them…

A person that you love that can’t love you back isn’t to say they don’t have a heart. But the way that they know love will be based on their life experiences and understanding of love. When you love someone that can’t love you back it’s not always personal. They may be operating and navigating through life battling with their own insecurities, a broken heart and a lost soul.

They may be hurting and may not know how to love you because they don’t understand how to love themselves. They can be holding on to years of suppressed pain that they haven’t dealt with or healed from. When hurt people hurt people it’s because their “free will” has dominion over their life and they are seeking to fill a void by searching for something beyond the love you give to make their pain go away.

They will continue to look to outside sources to make them happy and to make them feel whole because they do not have the understanding that their happiness and wholeness comes from within. They are serving and feeding their flesh (ego and pride) and starving their soul and though you may love them they are hurting you. Just because their pain is understandable does not mean their behavior to hurt you is acceptable.

Love and Ego cannot exist together. We are souls having a human experience and we’re either a slave to our flesh or a faithful servant to our soul. If you are feeding and serving one, the other will starve. When we starve we die. So we must choose to die to our flesh and submit to God’s love which comes from our soul in order to change a painful narrative.

We are weak to our flesh and powerless on our own and without seeking God’s grace and intervention we cannot and will not change on our own. We will fall into worldly temptation seeking fulfillment from vices to mend our broken hearts. When our free will is at work instead of us surrendering to God’s will, we will fall short, we will sin and we will hurt those that love us and that we claim to love.

Although you may love someone from your soul with every ounce of your existence, it is impossible for them to reciprocate your level of love and for them to understand that level of love without their own knowing of God’s love and having self-love. If they understand love differently they can’t love equally.

Forgive them and love them without expectation because them not loving you back may not have nothing to do with you if you gave them your best, do not take it personal. Love them from a distance in order to protect yourself from their pain being projected onto you but do not expect them to love you back when they are broken and operating under their flesh and with an empty soul. If their soul is empty they can’t give you what they don’t have to give.

Forgive them and pray for their healing so that they may seek and cultivate love and a relationship with the higher power so that their soul can be filled with love to give, and that they may be healed and saved. It is most important to love them towards salvation instead of seeking their love to make your flesh feel good.

Love is the one emotion that has the most influence and power over our lives. Love can heal wounds and set people free from self-doubt. Love can heal the aching soul and melt a cold heart, and yes love will be painful along the way if it is cultivated in the flesh.

In order to survive, we all need to be loved and unconditional love and lasting love can only come from the heart and soul not the flesh. Love from the soul is what will lead our minds and our bodies into healthy choices and loving behavior. So when they can’t love you back, forgive them and love them from a distance and continue to pray for their healing, recovery and salvation.

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