Business “IS” Personal 

I’m fed up with hearing it, so I am debunking the saying “It’s just business”

All business is not good business and yes, BUSINESS IS PERSONAL. Any time a person uses the statement “ it’s just business” it’s usually to justify their intent and agenda to engage in an unethical act or right before they’re about to royally fcuk you over. Every business decision affects people. And if we are willing to engage in business dealings with people we don’t like, respect, trust, or would otherwise trade places with just to put a buck in our pocket, we are setting ourselves up to fail.

Here is why:

Our character will override our product, talents, personality and our current customer base, fan-base/following in the long run. If our character lacks integrity, our successes will eventually suffer and come to an end, because “when it’s done in vain it can’t remain.”

What is integrity? Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It’s a character trait of good ethics, decency, fairness, sincerity and trustworthiness. It is having the desire to do the right thing even when no one is watching. 

If we have achieved any level of success, in order to maintain that success we must have integrity. We will lose respect, credibility, current success status and future opportunities when integrity is absent from our character. Nothing built on a false and faulty foundation will last. The downfall may not be today or even this decade, but it is the universe’s quantum karmic attraction that, inevitably our downfall will come.

We must understand that integrity is not for us, it is to benefit others. It limits the amount of people that become victims due to our selfishness. Because what we do, not only impacts us, it impacts others. When we act out of integrity it benefits us because it is an insulator that protects us in our absence. 

Not that having integrity will deem us to be perfect or free of making mistakes or bad judgement calls, but what it will do is stand on its truth of who we are. The consistency in our character and in our actions is what defends our personal brand when we are not present to defend ourselves.

When we reach a certain level of success, best believe that we will be challenged by the naysayers, back stabbers, haters, ill-willed individuals and competitors that will attempt to slander our name and credibility to those that may not have had an opportunity to work with us or have not yet experienced our character.  

Having a track record of living in integrity protects and covers us. It overrides and dismisses the rumors and the malicious attacks or attempts because the truth of who we are stands on the evidence of our consistent demonstration of having integrity. Loyalty of our customers, fans, business partners, clients, etc. will only remain with us by our building of trust with them, and in order for that to happen it has to get personal. 

We achieve this by creating a win win relationship. Not by having a “you have to lose in order for me to win” mentality. We will not win if our agenda is to get our needs met by overwhelming, over charging, hustling and selfishly using others with a “by any means necessary” attitude.

We must treat people the way we “expect” to be treated and by treating people like “people” and not like they are an object, resource, cash cow, or a means to an end.  

Without integrity, we may be able to put on a good act and fool others long enough to capitalize off of them at least once, but if we want to stay in it, being selfish won’t keep us there. We will forever remain on the chase in a state of suffering, desperation and misfortune in our pursuit to gain.  

If we believe that not honestly earning our successes, and cheating the system and/or people will create a win for us, we are mistakenly wrong. So yes, business IS personal, business is NOT “just business!”

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