Protect Your Light

Often times it is very common that spiritual people will attract people who need healing. This is a beautiful thing if the person wants to share that person’s flame in order to light their own wick with it.  If you are a spiritual person you most likely have a high healing vibration of good energy and may find that you attract people who see something within you that they may be missing, and seek to fill that space within themselves by getting that energy from you.

Just as a flame can glow beautiful and bright, it also attracts moths. So be careful and protect your light. Realize that there will be many people throughout your life that will see the spiritual golden flame within you. Some will hold the same light and reflect it back at you, leaving you feeling replenished.

Others may seek to steel your light instead of learning from it in order to heal into their own beautiful flame.   You will attract people from all walks of life, but you do not have to settle for friends or relationships that drain you. Protect your light and be with and around people who reflect your light.

Your spiritual flame is like a trick birthday candle. When a person tries to blow you out, your flame may dim momentarily but will surprisingly rise again with force and will keep on rising with each blow.   A person that attempts to blow out your candle or dim your light in an effort to make there light shine brighter will eventually run out of wick. But remember, you too will burn out if you continue to allow people to drain your energy by diming you instead of reflecting back at you…

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