Sweet Deliverance

I closed my eyes and sat in a deep silent meditation, desperately seeking peace and understanding. I took my first deep breath, I slowly inhaled and exhaled. I took another and then one breath after the other. I was in a state of surrender and my ears and heart were wide open. So I breathe and I wait, I breathe and I listen…listening to the waves of the ocean in the background to the soft tunes of the flute and grand piano.  Sweet sounds accompanied by the calming of birds chirping and soft wind.  My sorrowful spirit was awakened and then it happened and I welcomed it in…

The spirit of sweet deliverance whispered in my tired, torn, discouraged ear and spoke to my broken heart, my self-esteem, my hopes, my fears. Sweet deliverance spoke ever so gently to the wounded little girl in me. It spoke to my inner being and spoke to my sorrowful energy.  It spoke to my desires and dreams, my doubts and my constant internal pain; it spoke to the fragrance of a wounded woman that have been crying tears like a mourning rain.

“YOU ARE LOVE” it said, Love is your inner being and is your highest energy. Loving someone has never been about them it has always been about me… It doesn’t matter who outside of myself doesn’t give love to me because I AM LOVE and I am enough because my love is rooted internally. My love is abundant and there is always enough to share and enough to replenish me.

My joy, my happiness, my peace and my energy comes from my spiritual divinity. I AM LOVE and that proclamation is embedded in my heart because my own love cannot be taken away from me…

Thank you Sweet Deliverance!

 “When we are in a relationship or love someone, we think it’s about them and who they are what they do and how they make us feel but the reality is that loving someone is about you and your capacity to be open, vulnerable, available and accessible to your own love. The challenge is that we focus externally on the person we love because we do not recognize and realize that love is a function of the soul not a person. The yearning for that person is because they have awakened something within us “key word” (within).  The love that you are giving and receiving is the love that YOU are. It is your love that makes you feel fulfilled, you just have somewhere to focus it on for a little while when you give love to someone in a relationship. It is the giving of your love that is so satisfying, it was the opening of your heart that was giving you joy. The other person was just the recipient and focus of your love at the time. The reason why we suffer so much when we are no longer getting or giving love from a relationship that has ended is because we were taught to believe that we need someone else to love or for someone else to love us in order to experience love. Yes to share your love with someone else is one way to experience love but not the only way. Once you understand that the people you are in a relationship with at the time have simply opened your heart for you to express love, you can reclaim your capacity to love again and focus it on yourself until there is someone else to share and experience your love with.”




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