My 2017 Testimony- The Purple Flower – Journey to Healing:

For every quarter of 2017, a little purple flower kept showing up in my life. One for each season of the year. If there were ever a time to believe in divine purpose and spiritual messages, this symbolism could not be any clearer. Q1, Feb 5th a young lady read me a devotional from the daily bread, an excerpt from the poet Thomas Gray’s wonderful line, “came across a solitary flower growing in a meadow today a tiny purple blossom wasting its sweetness in the desert air, why this beauty in this place I thought…”

Once finished reading the passage, she began to prophecy on the interpretation. The devotional comes from Psalms 136 His mercy endureths forever. Although pain and sorrow may reside inside our hearts at times like an abandoned desert, beautiful hearts are never wasted. No matter how broken a heart may be or how troubled it is, it doesn’t change the fact that it is still a heart. It still functions for the purpose of its existence. The purple flower was hidden in the desert, regardless if it was never seen by anyone, it doesn’t change the fact that it is still a beautiful purple flower, nature is never wasted. That flower is an expression of the true goodness and faithfulness of the one who brought it into being. Nature reminds us of God’s mercy, His grace. Do we see the beauty in the desert, the lessons that will help us grow and mature us, the blessings that are born out of storms? Or do we just see the desert, a hardship a challenge? It gave me goosebumps that it just so happened that on the coffee table was a purple carnation the young lady received the night before. I asked to keep it as a reminder. I had this little plastic heart shape case that I received from my Goddaughter after Valentine’s Day. It was once filled with candy and it was the perfect size to became my purple flower’s home. Because of its significant symbolism the purple flower in the heart is now displayed on my living room mantle. Q2 June 25th, I was reminded again to never forget the purpose behind the pain. That day, I opened up my IG and the first picture I saw was this cute little dog standing in what resembled a dry desert holding a purple little flower in his mouth. I saved the pic because it reminded me of the devotional. It was like he was bringing the flower to me to remind me that I will get through this and heal and greater will be the blessings behind the lessons. Q3, September 1st, I have a calendar on my desk at work and for the month of September, the picture was no other than kismet. A purple flower surrounded by cactus. As I looked at the picture it was met with chills and tears. I thought to myself, “yeah right, you gotta be kidding me!” And how is this for a bonus, a serenade of “Miss Celiei’s Blues” from the movie “The Color Purple” popped up on my timeline by songstress Serena Henry on September 17th. And then the purple finale. Q4, December 6th, l

was helping a loved one settle in to their new place, as they were going through a box, they pulled out this tiny dried up purple carnation! They laughed as it was so small and survived being surrounded by books, pictures and other memorabilia. As they started to tell me the memory behind the flower, I had that serendipity feeling and I told them about the other 3 encounters of the purple flower showing up in my life in 2017. They then gifted it to me and it now sits on display like a genie in a bottle. God has a very creative way of showing up and getting our attention. Every step of the way during my journey, He sent me a purple reminder. Purple was my color for 2017. The color of growth, spiritual maturity, healing and surrender. For as sure as I would relapse and feel discouraged along the way, God was sure to remind me… everything happens for a reason and everyone serves and have served a purpose for crossing my path. Some hurt me, deceived me, others taught me, loved me, some needed me, some used and abused, others restored and inspired and others expired… I learned that choices determines destiny not chances. We can choose to see the brighter side of things, the purple flower in the desert or we can choose to suffer. I am choosing me because I am the brighter side of things, I am the purple flower in the desert and my heart is still beautiful. I’m no longer taking chances on or giving chances to people or situations that are not in alignment with God’s will for my life. I will listen to my heart but with the discernment and understanding that feelings and emotions are easily distorted there. The purple flower assured me that I have an amazing God and that he is with me when I am in the desert of life and that my intuition and discernment are gifts I can trust to lead me towards the right choices to fulfill my destiny.

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